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Remodeling a bath? Adding a backsplash? Need a little direction? With over 100 years of combined experience in every aspect of remodeling and design, the experts at Monterrey Tile are here to assist.

Shower benches and seats should be 17”-19” above the shower floor and 15” deep.

Green Design is also referred to as sustainable design or eco-design, which conforms to environmentally sound principles of building, material and energy use.

The easiest and least expensive way to update a bathroom is to change the faucets or the lighting.  Installing a bright new tile floor can make a big design impact.

The lights at the vanity are most important. The lights need to be bright enough to see, but not so bright that your skin looks unhealthy. Fixtures located at eye level on either side of the bathroom mirror are most effective. Theatrical-style lighting stripped along the sides and across the top of the mirror are also effective. Selecting the right bulb type is extremely important. Colored or coated bulbs can help improve the appearance of facial features. Can light bulbs are convenient, but are not a good source of lighting because it casts shadows across the face.

Wallpaper is safe to use in a bathroom if installed properly with the proper wall primer and adhesive.

Do you have enough space? Are you happy with the traffic flow? Is your kitchen efficient? Are there children in the home? Are you happy with the current location and design of your kitchen?

Backsplashes are not just for decorative purposes. They also protect the walls from grease, food and water splatter that can stain drywall and painted finishes.

Kitchens that are all “beige” or all neutral can lack depth and character. Most buyers appreciate a well designed, color balanced kitchen with many different shades and textures. Keep in mind that colors and shapes are all part of the fashion trend, and with few exceptions what is “in” today will ne “out” in a few years.  We encourage you to choose colors and materials that are attractive to YOU; as you will be the one living with them for years to come.

We strongly recommend that you seal all of your natural stone to provide maximum stain protection. Select a high quality penetrating/impregnating sealer. These sealers will provide a natural, no-sheen look and are good for interior and exterior use.

With our hard Arizona water, we suggest porcelain in showers and tub surrounds due to the ease of maintenance.  Marble, limestone, travertine and slate can be used for flooring and countertops.


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