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Remodeling a bath? Adding a backsplash? Need a little direction? With over 100 years of combined experience in every aspect of remodeling and design, the experts at Monterrey Tile are here to assist.

Certain materials may be porous and require sealing.
• Stone – All natural stone must be sealed with an impregnating sealant and will require resealing on a regular basis as normal maintenance.
• Ceramic – Generally, glazed ceramic tile does not have to be sealed; however, ceramic tile with a crackle glaze must be sealed with an impregnating sealer and will require resealing on a regular basis as normal maintenance. Unglazed porcelain tile should also be sealed with a penetrating sealer.

Accessories than can be installed or built into the shower include: soap dishes, corner shelves, portable seats, towel bars, shower niches and shower benches.

Not any longer.  There is a movement now, especially in Arizona to create “lifetime homes.”   Among the particulars of this design style is the “curbless shower” to allow wheelchair accessibility. In order to have a shower without a door the shower should be at least 5’x’8, and the adjoining areas be tile as well.

Obscure glass hides the most day to day use. Clear glass is easier to wipe down. The answer depends on how often you like to clean!

China or porcelain are the same thing. Vitreous China is great for a bathroom because of it's smooth surface & sanitary properties.  There are also porcelain glazed cast iron.  These are long wearing, but can chip if something heavy or sharp is dropped on them.  We suggest stainless steel or composite sinks for the kitchen; china, porcelain or glass for bathrooms.

Before spending your hard earned money, consider that a professional knows all of the technical aspects that the average consumer doesn’t know.

Design that breaks the traditional mold and is accessible, flexible and adaptable to more people rather than an idealized, able bodied, non-elderly adult.

No and Yes.  Even though granite is one of the hardest, more durable surfaces on earth, it CAN be damaged by excessively hot items.  If you were taking a hot pot off of the stove and it started to burn your hand, you could set it on granite for a brief period while you grab your oven mitt.  If you’re going to set something hot on the counter for an extended period of time, we recommend using a hot pad or trivet.

We strongly recommend that you seal all of your natural stone to provide maximum stain protection. Select a high quality penetrating/impregnating sealer. These sealers will provide a natural, no-sheen look and are good for interior and exterior use.

Yes, but keep in mind that the drain is much smaller so it may not accommodate the kitchen's waste water of a typical sink.


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