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Remodeling a bath? Adding a backsplash? Need a little direction? With over 100 years of combined experience in every aspect of remodeling and design, the experts at Monterrey Tile are here to assist.

Since there is a shade variation in all natural stone, fired ceramic and porcelain products, the tile dye-lot for your particular installation may not be the same as the sample you selected. It is very important to inspect your tile before installation, as installation of material constitutes acceptance. Absolutely no claim will be considered after the product is installed. Under no circumstance will Monterrey Tile be responsible for costs exceeding the cost of material to our customer.

Porcelain tiles are very dense and have a water absorption rate of less than .5%. Ceramic tiles are made predominately of white or red clay and have a water absorption rate of greater than .5%. Because porcelain is denser it tends to have a higher durability rating. Some porcelain tiles can be used outdoors as well as indoors, while most ceramic tile is suitable for indoor only. Most of the ceramic tile you will find in our showroom is designed for wall use only.  There are exceptions and our showroom consultants will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate tile for your particular installation.

Sturdy upholstery, easy to clean flooring, soft surfaces and no hard edges. When using carpet, consider looped pile or tightly twisted textures with Stain Resistance. Any porcelain tile floor will stand up to the rigors of kids, pets and toys.

No. Once the carpet cushion is installed, you will never see it again. What is more important is how it performs.  Our “standard” is an 8#, ½” or 3/8” thickness.  The thickness differential is decided by the type of carpet you’re buying.  Standard carpet takes ½”, Berber or short loop takes 3/8”

Porcelain or ceramic tile are the best choices.  We also carry vinyl plank that is slip resistant.  We don’t recommend wood or laminate.

A threshold is used when there are height or material changes in the flooring. We carry a wide range of transition listellos (decorative pieces), as well as slab thresholds made from marble and travertine.

By installing tile on the "diagonal" and by selecting lighter colors that have a more consistent texture will visually increase the space.  Using a larger tile will make the room look grand.

Vinyl flooring has come a long way...there are patterns which look very much like natural stone and even hardwood flooring. Rather than making a quick selection by thinking your options are limited, take your time and sit with one of our flooring specialists to choose one of the latest "designer" styles to complement your space.

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, no. All types of carpet have very low emission levels, regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic fibers.


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