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Our Teakwood mosaics are exquisite.  Harvested from retired Vietnamese fishing boats, the variation in color, tone and thickness will give a unique richness to a backsplash, feature wall or fireplace.  Knots, nail holes and character marks come standard. Residential or commercial projects. We suggest using them indoor only, in order to maximize the longevity of their beauty.

The Fortaleza Collection is made of solid wood, with carvings and unique colors that highlight their natural way and tell their story.  Fluctuations between light and shadow create movements that provide beauty and comfort to the decor of your environment.  The 10.6x10.6" panels are manufactured using the concept of environmental sustainability, using only reforested wood and certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), subjected to a special treatment that prevents the proliferation of fungi and termites, ensuring much longer durability and natural beauty.  Fortaleza panels are simple to install, as they have incorporated PEEL & STICK cellophane and adhesive on the back of each panel.  Just peel off the cellophane and apply to almost any surface.  We recommend for indoor use only.

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