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Infinity - Desert


infinity- PURE SHAPE.

Infinity is inspired by a mix of the finest and most contemporary natural limestones, arrayed in six subtle colors ranging from warm shades of beige to cooler shades of grey.

SIZES: 12x24 (all colors), 24x24 (all colors) and 24x48 (in select colors of “Absolute”, Desert” and “Sky”)

MOSAICS: 2x2 and 12x24 random linear

DECORATIVES: 12x24 “grip” and “wave” textures (available in select colors)

TRIM: Infinity has coordinating 3x24 bullnose and 6x12 cove base.

PORCELAIN PAVER: In addition, “Absolute”, “Cosmos”, “Desert” and “Sky” and are available in 24x24x3/4” porcelain paver to complete your seamless Indoor/Outdoor projects.

Our Infinity is rectified, has V2 color shading (slight variation), is DCOF compliant and acceptable for interior and exterior floor and wall applications for both residential and commercial projects.




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Infinity - Desert

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