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Travertine "Azteca"


Azteca is a natural anomaly.  It is a travertine in the process of becoming an onyx.  The marriage of these two stone types give it rich depth and wild color variation.

Our Azteca is offered in a variety of sizes, surface finishes and edge details:

Brushed Surface with Chisel Edge:  8x8, 8x16 and 16x24.

Brused Surface with Tumbled Edge: 8x8, 8x16 and 12x12

Honed Surface with Tumbled Edge: 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, 8x16 and 16x24

In addition, the Azteca is available in Basketweave Mosaic and 4x16 Baseboard trim.


This color is of limited supply, and once our stock is gone will no longer be available.  Buy now to secure it for your project.


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Travertine "Azteca"

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